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NEW: Read the latest statement, released 5th May 2023 – Future of our Organisation.

The Cri du Chat Support Group is a charitable organisation dedicated to providing support to those living with, and families of those living with; the rare genetic condition, Cri du Chat syndrome. 

We do this through our networking events, grants, advice, mentorship and an educational outreach with medical professionals.

Membership is FREE for residents of the UK and Ireland with benefits including our private facebook support group, online forum, location map, family fun days and much more!

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Support Our Causes

Your donation, whether it is through a Direct Payment, Will and Legacy Trust, Fundraising Event, Sporting Event or any other creative activity, has a real and deliberate impact on one of our member families and without your continued support, we could not offer these services.

Thank you for your generosity!

Pin Your Place!

Use our map to set your location and see how many, and which families, live close by to you. If you’re Newly Diagnosed, we can arrange a connection between yourself, and a family local to you.