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Cri du Chat Support Group Grants

A proportion of the Cri du Chat Syndrome Support Group grants fund will be set aside each year for small grants (up to the value of £250) for families to purchase equipment.

Funding will be allocated on a case by case basis. Decisions will normally be made within three weeks after the application has been received.

  • Families may only apply once per fiscal year – whether or not they are successful with their application
  • Once the funding allocation for the year has been reached applications would be carried over until the next year
  • Applicants must be members of the Group
  • Applications must be made in advance; grants may not be used to cover expenditure that has already been incurred
  • Applicants may be asked to write a piece for the groups newsletter


Applications should be made on the form provided and include full breakdown of likely costs.  All materials should be sent to the Administrator (emails marked as ‘Equipment Fund Grant’).

Applications will be considered by members of the Support Group’s Management Committee .  The Group may offer an amount less than that applied for. Details of successful applicants may be advertised on the Group’s website where appropriate.

Grants will normally be paid by cheque after the purchase has taken place and receipts will need to be forwarded to the Administrator. Grants not taken up within six months will be cancelled. Successful applicants may be asked to submit an informal 250 word story and photographs for publication in our newsletter.

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Please note our grants are for members of the support group only. All applicants must be UK based to be eligible.
Membership of the Cri du Chat Support Group
Please note these grants are designed to provide equipment for people with Cri du Chat syndrome