Supporting people with Cri du Chat Syndrome and their families

The Future

Your child will certainly be able to lead a happy life, and although nobody knows the future, they will probably live as long as anyone else; there is no reduction in life expectancy associated with CdCS.

There is a lot of help available; your child has a better outlook today than they would have had in previous years.

As they grow up, they will need help in various ways. In particular, physiotherapy will help your child learn to walk, and speech and language therapy will help them learn to communicate.


Many children with CdCS attend schools for children with special needs, though some do attend mainstream schools with extra support.

Professional Assistance

Unfortunately, as CdCS is so rare, most professionals you come into contact with won’t know that much about it. As a CdCS parent, you are the expert on your child. We know this is a bit daunting, but we’re here to help:

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