Supporting people with Cri du Chat Syndrome and their families

Cri du Chat Awareness Week

Sunday 1 to Saturday 7 May 2016

Every year the week around 5th May (5/5) is Cri du Chat Syndrome awareness week.

Why the number 5?

Cri du Chat Syndrome is a deletion on the short (p) arm of the 5th Chromosome; it’s otherwise known as 5p-.

Raising Awareness

There are loads of ways that you can let people know about CdC.

  • Post a CdC image to your social media profile (see below);
  • Chat to 3 people about CdC and give them an information sheet. Download and edit this example information sheet with your own story;
  • Purchase and display a CdC sticker on your car;
  • Ask a local shop, businesses, coffee shop or pub to have a CdC wine bottle to collect 5 pence pieces;
  • Host a Coffee morning at your home. Ask family & friends to bake cakes; invite neighbours and friends or parents from the school gate. Have a donations box by the cakes;
  • Tell us about your families’ journey with CdC. Maybe we could include it in one of our newsletters or website.


The awareness week is a great opportunity for some fundraising! There are lots of ideas on our fundraising page to get you started!

Social Media

Change your cover photo or header image on your social media feed to raise awareness! Download our images designed especially for Facebook and Twitter.


Post a picture to your social media feed to help tell people about CdC. Right click the image, and choose “copy image location”. Then, paste that into Facebook or Twitter to share it.

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