Supporting people with Cri du Chat Syndrome and their families

Cri du Chat Syndrome Awareness Day

5th May 2017


Individuals and families affected by Cri du Chat Syndrome will be using Cri du Chat Awareness Week to send the message that these individuals deserve to be recognized for what they can do, not what they can’t.

The 5th May is designated Cri du Chat Syndrome Day and this is when we ask our friends, supporters and families to help us raise awareness in the United Kingdom of Cri du Chat Syndrome.

We have found the best way to do this is through word of mouth and the stories of families about their own experiences.

To celebrate and support Cri du Chat Syndrome Day we would like to invite people to become Ambassadors and take a pledge. This pledge is a commitment to undertake as many of these ideas to spread the word about CdC. We hope you will join us!

The Pledge

  1. Tell 10 people about Cri du Chat and how the syndrome affects you or someone you love.

  2. Include a mention of your support of Cri du Chat Syndrome Day and a link to this website in your email signature.

  3. Tweet a photo of yourself with the sign “I love someone with CdC Syndrome” using the #cdcsyndromeday hashtag. See below for suggestions of how to make a photo.

  4. Hold a coffee morning or an event for your friends to explain more about CdC Syndrome.

  5. Drink a bottle of wine to raise money for Cri du Chat – yes, that’s right!

  6. Sell wristbands for the group – they are only £1 each! Email for details.

  7. Donate an hour to Cri du Chat – this can be anything from the equivalent of an hours wages to the group, an hour of babysitting for friends/family with a child with CdC Syndrome or even an hour on Facebook promoting the group.

  8. Contact a local newspaper and tell them about CdC Syndrome Day and the event you have planned, using the media top tips resources available here.

  9. Write a story for this website about your family, and your experiences. We already have one from the Sparkes family - why not tell yours?

Creating a photo

You can easily make a photograph using a picture of your family for Cri du Chat Awareness Day.

  1. First of all, choose an image.

  2. Edit it, using Canva or PicMonkey - both are free and easy to use.

  3. Add the words. We suggest “I love someone with Cri du Chat Syndrome” but it can be anything you want.

  4. Download to your computer and share it on Facebook. Go in and edit the post and tag your page.