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Thanks to Phil Cox

by Lucy Santos on 04 January 2017

A big thanks to Phil Cox who has donated the profits of sales of his book, Point North and Pedal, to us.

A fascinating read, this book tells the story of Phil achieving his life ambition - a solo cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats - and is well worth a read. 

Point North & Pedal

Paperback copies available from or Kindle version is available from Amazon

From the Amazon description:

The book is a great resource for those looking to make this classic End to End journey, lots of tips and hints to make the experience enjoyable and achievable.

A comprehensive approach to training allowed Phil to work out a number of issues including:
•How to avoid numb hands

•Effective approaches to endurance cycling

•The wonders of using Chamois Cream

•Tool selection versus weight disadvantage

•Understanding and fix bike problems

•Coping with the mileage

The book recounts his journey and the surprising encounters along the way; it also contains anecdotes from Phil’s past and describes his fundraising attempts prior to the ride.