Supporting people with Cri du Chat Syndrome and their families

Meetups Everywhere In 2015

by James Smith on 04 February 2015

We’re always thinking long and hard about the mission of the Support Group; how we can best help parents, carers, relatives and friends of those with Cri du Chat Syndrome. In particular, we’re always trying to work out how can we help the most people.

With that in mind, and in a spirit of experimentation, we’re going to try something different for 2015.

Northern Meetup

Instead of one big family weekend, we’re going to focus on promoting a lot of smaller regional meetups. They’ll be easier to get to, connect you to local families, and be cheaper to attend. We’ve found that lots of families who never come to the big weekends come to the smaller events, and we want to help them and make them feel part of the family too!

We know that many of you love the family weekends, and don’t worry - we intend to hold one in 2016. But when we can have maybe 30 regional events for the price of the big weekend, it seemed like something we should try.

So, we will be trying to run as many meetups around the country as we can. There has been one already in the South East, and there are two more already scheduled, including one this Saturday in Cardiff! The thing is, we need local families to take the lead on organising the events - after all, you know the area better than we do! It’s not hard to do, and one of our previous organisers has written a handy guide on how to go about it, so if you want to step up and make something happen near you, why not go for it!