Supporting people with Cri du Chat Syndrome and their families

Welcome to our new site!

by James Smith on 05 May 2013

As you may have noticed, we’ve given the website a bit of an overhaul. In fact, it’s been completely rebuilt from the ground up to give you a better experience all round.

So, what’s changed and why?

  • Simpler: We’ve tried to make it easier to browse to the information you want, and to make that information easier to understand.
  • Clean: We have a modern, uncluttered design that should make the site a a pleasure to use. Larger, more readable text should help a lot as well!
  • Searchable: The site has been optimised to be more visible in search engines, so it should be easier to find what you want, especially for new families.
  • Mobile: We know that more and more of you are using phones and tablets to view our site. The new one is designed to work well on those sorts of devices.

An important part of making a good site is deciding what not to include, so we’ve taken a few things away:

  • Forum: All the conversation is on our Facebook group these days, so it made sense to remove the old forum.
  • Login: No forum, no login required. The user account navigation was confusing, so it’s great to be rid of it.

Also, we’ve dropped support for outdated browsers like Internet Explorer 6. That means we can use modern web standards to give you a great experience. If you’re still using Internet Explorer 6 or 7, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest version.

Of course, the site isn’t finished (these things never are) and we need your feedback to keep making it better. Let us know your ideas via the Facebook group.

Incidentally, if you’re interested in the design thinking behind the new site, take a look at the style guide we’ve been working with.